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About us

Serwis Drzewny has been operating in the wood industry since 2001. Years of experience and intensive participation in the promotion of dozens of species and wood products, imported from all parts of the world, have made us specialists in exotic and domestic wood used in construction, interior design, boatbuilding, aviation, automotive, medicine and many other areas of our lives. In order to meet our customers' requirements, we work with a professional group of suppliers, which ensures that we have consistent access to high-quality raw material, semi-finished products and end products.

Serwis Drzewny in addition to high-quality products, offers you a comprehensive service for machining of wood, S4S strips, prefinished modular mouldings or lamella from all the species we currently stocking. We are producing unique wooden floors, stairs, terraces and facades. If You are looking for spectacular species of wood to build music instruments or other exclusive details we are the perfect address to meet Your needs. The volume of the lumber and veneer stock gives us capacity and possibility to work on the biggest projects with short reaction and terms. In addition we can offer FSC certificate veneers, lumber, decking, wooden floor and facade. We look forward to working with you. If you have any questions, please do not hesitate to contact us.

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